Thursday, October 05, 2006

I am a PAC Tour Rider

  1. I don't know what city I'm in without a route care.
  2. I have seen over 26 sunrises in a row.
  3. I shower with my laundry.
  4. I can identify the state by the roadkill.
  5. Eating breakfast in the parking lot seems normal.
  6. My bike stops at yellow cones.
  7. I dream about grasshoppers jumping on me and getting stung by flying bugs.
  8. My favorite TV show is the Weather Channel.
  9. I know that foods ending in---bar are one of the baic food groups.
  10. I can clean my bike in five minutes.
  11. I know who Bisti is and have fed her my sausage links that Dennys would give me even when I asked them to hold the sausage.

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