Monday, October 02, 2006

Day 23 Greenville, AL-->Eufaula, AL

Departure: 7:32 a.m.
Arrival: 4:00 p.m.
110 miles
4,700' climbing
Departure Temp: 70
Arrival Temp: 86

Well, this was a long day, not in miles but in time and what it took to get here. Seems like a lot of us were slow today. Could it be that having ridden 280 miles the preceding 2 days had something to do with it? Or that the 4,700' of climbing was compressed into the 110 miles? Or that we have been riding for 23 days without a day off? Probably all of those things.

The weather continues to be beautiful. Some are remarking negatively about the humidity, but I'm rather fond of it. Feels like home. Plus, the 3rd degree burn, the size of a jelly bean, I got on my lip Day 2 from sun and wind has finally begun to heal once we got east of the Mississippi River. I thank the humidity for that.

Yesterday and today have been the days of flying bugs. Some said they were Box Elder Bugs. Others said they were Love Bugs. The myriad mating bugs that bounced off my sun glasses, got stuck in my sun screen and made reading my cue sheet difficult didn't really look like either, but they were real, that's for sure. Today I had the stinging variety. Two stung my stomach at the same time, two others my shoulder, but the most painful one was the wasp-like creature that hung on to my lip while I was crossing a bridge on a down hill with traffic.

We had our first encounter with an unfriendly motorist today. A car full of males honking angrily, harrassing us verbally and throwing a beer can at one of the female riders. That's a pretty good record, though, for having traversed about 2,700 miles with nary and encounter.

Saw a few church signs today of note. One was named "The Last Chance Church of God." Another was the "Lilly White Church of God." I'm troubled by that theology. The last was kind of a cute sign--"Sign Broke. Message Inside."

Tomorrow is a day I've been looking forward to since the beginning of the ride. Kirk flew to Atlanta today; took the shuttle down to Columbus to see his Mom. They'll be driving to Perry, GA tomorrow, our destination. Mary will say "howdy" and return to Columbus; Kirk will ride in the SAG truck the last two days. It'll be so good to see him.

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