Sunday, October 01, 2006

Day 22 Merdian, MS-->Greenville, AL

Departure: 7:02 a.m.
Arrival 4:38 p.m.
147 miles
4,700’ climbing
Departure Temp: 70
Arrival Temp: 90

Most of us thought of today as “hump day” meaning if we could make it through today we think we can make it to the finish line on Thursday. Then again, there have been surprises on the up and down side, so no rides are in the bag until we get to the hotel.

Sundays have been hard rides. Our 1st Sunday, the first day, was to El Centro, CA through the desert; the 2nd Sunday was to Socorro, NM 157 miles; the 3rd Sunday was the Telamina Parkway with ALL the climbing (that I avoided by taking the low road), and then today, the 4th Sunday was 147 miles.

Other than the long ride, today was marked by rolling hills on good pavement. After yesterday’s filling rattling, bone jarring pavement, today was a pleasure. Nothing too remarkable about the route. Kudzu was back in the picture; we passed signs to Vimville and Whynot. Glad I don’t live either of those places. Couldn’t even tell you if they were in MS or AL. (We entered AL at about the 20 mile mark.) We passed “Bob’s Best Burgers with a pest control truck in the driveway. Even passed a house, a nice house, that didn’t have any kind of a driveway. Not even tire tracks. Now how does that work?
Several folks were SAGGING today. We’re all getting tired and our bodies are beginning to show the wear and tear.

Off to Eufala, AL tomorrow.

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