Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Worthy Annecdote From Day 7

We would be leaving Springerville, AZ early in the monring and entering NM very shortly where the time zone would change to Mountain Time. We were instructed to turn our clocks to Mountain Time before we went to bed and as we would be leaving Springerville on Mountain Time. Since I was using my cell phone as my time piece and my alarm clock, changing the time zone wasn't going to be a happening thing until we actually crossed the time zone line. I got quite confused about what time I should set my alarm for so ended up waking up my roomate, Julie at 3:15 a.m. Pacific Time quite in a panic that my alarm had not gone off at 4:00 Mountain Time. She assured me we still had an hour of sleep. Since not a soul was in the parking lot, I fitfully tried to go back to sleep.

Well, my story was one end of the confused continnum. This was the day I SAGGED to lunch so was in the van when the caravan was literally pulling out of the parking lot. All the riders had left 45-60 minutes earlier. Just as we pulled out one lone rider, Gary, emerged from his room into the parking lot looking for breakfast and everyone else. He had not gotten the message about the time zone change thing.

Someone jumped out of the van and grabbed him a couple of Danishes; someonelse pumped up his tires; someonelse threw hihs gear bag into the van; and someonelse outfitted him with a route card and he was off. He caught the last rider at mile 20, the next rider at mile 30 and began passing a slew of riders at mile 50. One heck of a strong rider.

I think we are all better equipped to handle the next time zone change a little more efficiently.


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