Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Day 3 Blythe, CA-->Wickenburg, AZ

Departure: 6:30 a.m.
Arrival: 4:30 p.m.
116 miles
3,400 ft of climbing
Temperature on the road 100
Temperature in Wickenburg: 87

Blythe bid us adieu with quite a light storm. That was accompanied by strong head winds and intermittent rain. Our first 30 or so miles were on the shoulder of I-10 which meant we had to be super alert not only for traffic, but for the nasty little half-inch wires (they look almost like surgical steel sutures) that flip off truck retreads and get stuck in your tires. There were many flats, myself included--mine at about mile 25.

Saw my first Saguro cactus of the trip at about mile 50.

Once off the interstate the roads were quiet which gave us plenty of opportunity to enjoy the Georgia O'Keefe colored skies and mountains. Unbelievably beautiful.

There were a few road signs that were memorable, like the one just outside of Hope, AZ that read: "You are beyond hope." And the one on the outskirts of Salome that read: "Salome--where she danced." Then there was the sign--"Caution--Animals next 87 miles." Why not 85 miles or 90 miles??? If you didn't happen to see that one sign, there would not be another caution sign for another 37 miles. The only animals I saw were dead coyotes. :)) And finally the stop sign exiting our hotel here in Wickenburg that says: "Wow."

Surprisingly there was a lot of vegetation/crops today--cotton, cantalopes, lavender, and some kind of citrus.

Today seemed like a hard riding day to me. Don't know quite why, but maybe because it was a steady climb for about 105 of the 116 miles. No refreshing descents until the last 6-10miles.

Tomorrow we're off to Cottonwood where I should hook up with my new cell phone.


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
I'm enjoying reading your blog. Have a great cross country adventure,
Brad Reid
Normal, IL

Anonymous said...

hi mom,
how your body holding up on day 4?
Thinking about you every day!

Anonymous said...

How's your body holding up, mama? Thinking about you every day! KK

Susan said...

Thanks, Brad. There are several folks from Wisconsin Camp on the Tour. Hope you can do this some day.