Saturday, September 30, 2006

Day 20 Winona, MS-->Meridian, MS


Departure 7:02 a.m.
Arrival: 4:36 p.m.
131 miles
2,900' climbing-5,000' depending upon whose altimeter you read.
Departure Temp: 56
Arrival Temp: 86

We have only 5 more riding days left on this tour. It has gone fast, but most of us are looking forward to the end. Our bodies are tired and we're beginning to long for loved ones, routines, and creature comforts, like Starbucks, for example.

Despite the length of today's ride it was relatively easy, the kind of ride I was looking forward to yesterday but didn't find. I didn't see any Kudzu (saprophytic groundcover) today. But what I did see were lots of pine trees and oh, the smell of pine and pine straw that brought back such fond memories. Memories that Grandma Mary and Grandpa Dan helped create with their South Georgia hospitality for the past 37+ years of our marriage. Memories of summers with the kids in Columbus, GA and jaunts through the woods to Cooper Creek trying to avoid the PI, PO, and chiggers. (We didn't do so well on the avoidance thing.) And, oh yes, the humdity is back. We've been in a drier clime for days now. I nearly forgot about the humidity of the SE, or even Chicago, for that matter.

We went through lots of little towns today: Poplar Creek, Kosiusko, Edinburg, Madden, Union, Little Rock, Suqualena, and Meridian. The dominant features of all these little towns were their churches, which were in abundance (mostly Baptist, but a few Methodists) and Little League Fields. You can tell a lot about a community by its structures.

The birds were full of songs today, so much so I had to stop and remember it was the end of September, not the beginning of June.

The downside of today was the pavement, depending upon what county we were in. Oh my goodness for 10 miles or more at a time our fillings rattled and our hands and feet were in continuous vibration as if we were manning a jackhammer. Quite a tribute to the bike tire industry and the wheels we were running that we rode through without mishap. I give two thumbs DOWN for chip and seal.

Tomorrow we enter Alabama, our last state in the Central Time Zone. We'll finally rest in Greenville after riding 150 miles. I don't want to think about it right now. Tomorrow will come soon enough.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, mama. I LOVE the smell of pine and pine straw for those very same reasons. You're the BEST! Keep it up!