Monday, September 11, 2006

Day 2 El Centro--> Blythe, CA

Departure: 6:35 a.m.
Arrival 2:25 p.m.
Temperature in the desert: 111 in the shade
Temperture in Blythe: 103

Everyone was ready for Day 2. Lots of the first day jitters were out of our legs and spirits and everyone had made some little tweaks to how they planned to handle the heat of Day 2 that was forecasted to be much like yesterday.

A whole pack of us left together and veritably flew to the first rest stop at mile 29. There must have been 15-20 of us. The first few miles we headed into the blinding of the rising sun and through a corridor of a residential neighborhood. Each house had an unfriendly chain-linked fense retaining barking dogs that made you think you were either in a dog pound or one of those places that has jumping guard dogs.

Once out of town we passed miles of irrigated hay fields. Little flecks of flying hay peppered our faces. Glad for the wrap-around sun glasses. Otherwise...

The baled hay around here is nothing like that in the mid west. We have these nice little round or rectangular bundles that maybe a strong man could pick up. Well, here a bale is about the size of a small freight train car and they are stacked four high and about 3-4 wide. Simply huge and so many of them!

When we weren't in hay fields we were in sand dunes that made me think I was in the Sahara. Kind of disorienting. Didn't seem like any part of the US I had seen before.

I got some great pix of the dunes and the desert-style moon scapes (different from the ones I saw yesterday), but their survival is in jeopardy. My sweat killed my cell phone and the little memory card for the pix. I have a new phone being overnighted to arrive on Wednesday. I hope I'll be able to retrieve the pix so I can share them with you.

Most people hung out at the lunch stop at mile 80 in the shade of the PAC Tour trailer's canopy. I chose to head on in. I used my extra time at the hotel before the other riders showed up dealing with my dead cell phone. :((

Everyone seems to be in much lighter spirits at the end of Day 2.

Day 3 will take us to Wickenbug, AZ with the promise of cooler weather--98. :))


Rachel said...

Boy oh Boy, what a day !
Sure hope you get your phone/camera deal fixed!
Your descriptions are FABULOUS !
No need for folks like me to be there!
Hugs, rest, and prayers.
The Vegas

Susan said...

Thanks, Rachel. Hugs, rest, and prayers are all appreciated and needed.