Saturday, September 23, 2006

Day 14 Hinton, OK-->Paul's Valley, OK

Departure: 7:30 a.m.
Arrival 3:00 p.m.
111 miles
Climbing?? (I'll fave to fill in that gap later)
Departure Temp: 57
Arrival temp: 81

We had some new riders today--Gene and Dana who had done San Diego-->Elk City, OK in the Spring with America By Bike (ABB) and are now back to do the eastern half. Two couples on tandems from Plano joined today for the weekend as well as a couple of Donna's friends who are joining just for the weekend.

Greg A.'s wife and kids joined him last night for a visit in Hinton and are here with him again tonight.

Today was a glorious day in so many ways. First of all, just the gift of being healthy enough to ride 115 miles a day, day after day after day. And, as you can tell from the post: "Who's on PAC" the vast majority of us are not in our 20's and 30's!

Second, stormy weather has been swirling around us to the the N, E, S, and W but has left us untouched. We certainly don't take that for granted. PAC has some stories to tell of bad weather tours. We still have half a Tour to go, but so far...

Third, the route today was somuch fun--good sized rollers, the kind that get you up to speeds of 30 mph going down, that being enough speed to carry you to the top of the next hill with little effort at all. The sky was blue, blue, blue and the temps in the mid 70's.

It's true you can tell what state you're in by the roadkill. Today was the day for armadillos and snakes. I remember a collegaue of mine many years ago who tried to bunny-hop an armadillo, didn't quite clear it and ended up crashing and breaking his hip. Armadillos down here are a prevalent as racoons back home (IL).

We had a rest stop in the town of Cement whose population is all of 537. I can think of a lot of places I'd rather be buried than in Cement.

We also passed through Bradley, OK, population 182. It had two signs in the middle of town made on a board painted white with hand-painted black letters. One sign pointed North for the Rock Shop. One sign pointed South for the Cemetary. That was the town.

I did my laundry tonight at a truck stop, shared the washer and dryer with Larry. Wasn't too hard to spearate the Victoria Secrets from the Speedos. :))

Ate at Punkins tonight. Quite a local favorite with the best delicately deep friend catfish I have ever had!

We're off for McCallister, tomorrow, our last day in OK.

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Sounds wonderful, Mom!