Friday, September 22, 2006

Day 13 Erick, OK-->Hinton, OK

Departure 7:32 a.m.
Arrival 3:30 p.m.
103 miles
2,170' climbing

After 2-3 days of strong, almost scary winds, today awoke with the promise of blue skies, early warmth (high of 81), and temperate winds. We felt blessed as tornadoes were predicted in Kansas and Ilinois, and lots of rain in the eastern part of Oklahoma. But fair weather was ours for another day.

We would spend most of our day on Old Historic Route 66 with visits to two museums one in Elk City and and one in Clinton. The commitment to preserve that piece of our country's heritage is oh, so evident. It's hard for me to determine whether they are stuck in the past or preserving the past. If you haven't seen the animated movie, CARS, it does a really good job of capturing what it was like to have been alive on The Mother Road and what it was like for the towns, communities, the people when they were ghosted by I-40.

After two days of riding on roads that were so flat and nary a turn, today we enjoyed so many turns the P fairy had to ride ahead of us and spray paint P's (P for PAC) and arrows on the road so we wouldn't get lost. (Lon actaully carries a can of spray paint in his water bottle cage and sprays the arrows as he goes.) In addition to the turns we had some fun rollers which provided some nice variation to the pancake flat of the past few days.

Hinton is so small there is not a restaurant nearby so BBQ was catered in for us. We ate around the pool at the Microtel. Hinton is a wealthy town because of its oil and because they built a "private prison" which they sold a few years ago for 45 million.

At dinner tonight two crew/riders were awarded their 10,000 mile jerseys--Sylvia Edgar and Ned Nicolai. Their names will go on the Red Lunch Trailer, as well. Also at dinner tonight two more riders joined us, Gene P. and Dana M. I'll have some company as they are both recumbent riders.

Today also marked the half-way point in our Transcontinental Tour both in the number of days and in miles. We hit that mark just before the last rest stop today at about mile 80.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up, Mom!

daniel said...

Man, this sounds like so much fun. I wish I could be there. It'd be like the good old AIDS ride. My butt still has bad dreams about that ride. Ouch. I'm glad your on a recumbant, or else your butt would have nightmares, too! Halfway home! Woo Hoo!