Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Day 10 Roswell, NM-->Clovis, NM

Departure: 7:05 a.m.
Arrival: 1:45 p.m.
107 miles
1000’ climbing
Departure temp: 44
Arrival temp: 81

Today was an awesomely sweet day. We call it a recovery ride. 107 miles of flat, flat, flat, Kansas-like grazing prairie. If that wasn’t good enough, we had a steady 15 mph cross or tail wind. Many of us were cruising down the road at 30-34 mph for significant periods of time. It was pretty hard to get lost, too, as we were on only one road, US Route 70, for 106 of the 107 miles.

There were several stretches where different ones of us were riding in big packs. The terrain was simple enough that conversation was easy even at 30 mph.

Most of us are holding up well, body-wise, although some are having biomechanical problems, especially those who have some asymmetry things going on, like one foot bigger than the other, or one leg shorter than the other. Then there’s the sunburned lips that are inevitable (but painful), and sunburned faces and legs. Sunscreen helps, but…

We passed through Portales 20 miles outside of Clovis. Their marquis on the outskirts of town was “12,000 friendly people and 3 or 4 old grumps. Makes me wonder if there’s an annual vote for who the 3 or 4 grumps will be for the next year. J

Our hotel is situated in a place were there are no eating options other than Mickey D’s and a truck stop with a Deli. So, about half of us ate in the HI dining room which actually turned out to be a fun thing. Lots of table hopping and good story swapping regarding the routes or living with a roommate.

We have lost two riders, meaning they packed their bags and went home sometime late in the first week. It was just more than they were ready for. PAC and riders worked with them to reduce their goals of riding every mile across the country and make it a training ride by riding something every day, but to no avail.

Tomorrow we enter Texas after only seven miles. Amarillo is the destination with much anticipation for the restaurant experience that features a 72 ounce steak. Ugh!

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