Saturday, September 09, 2006

Day 0--San Diego

Today has been a day of details, details, details.

First on the agenda was getting my hard-shell bike box shipped off to GA so I'd have it for getting my bike back home. Many conversations with FedEx which yielded the following challenging decision. Did I want to have it shipped from the hotel lobby for $127, or did I want to take a 2 mile cab ride to a Kinko's-FedEx and have it shipped for $27. That was pretty much a no-brainer.

That done I hooked up with Eammon Q. from the UK. This is his first trip to the US. We took a casual ride to Mission Beach for a ceremonial siting of the Pacific. Once back Eammon and I retraced my morning trip to Kinko's-FedEx so he could get his bike box to GA.

A few tweaks to my bike, gathered my supply of avocados, part of my daily fare when doing century rides, and attended a rider meeting flushing out the details of daily life on PAC Tour.

My room mate has been busy boiling eggs in our room and there are gatorade barrels as stools in the room. Tomorrow comes the oatmeal. :))

Breakfast is at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow with a 6:30 start for the 127 miles to El Centro, CA where the temp should be over 100 when we get there. About 7,000 feet of climbing. A fun first day.

Catch you tomorrow.

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Jerry S said...

Be safe and enjoy. Regards to Julie.