Saturday, September 09, 2006

Arrival In San Diego

Friday, September 8th finally arrived. I have been so excited, sleeping the last few nights has been as hard as it had been 37 years ago just before Kirk and I got married.

We virtually flew to Midway Airport. Even the rush hour traffic was excited for me to get underway and gave us open highway. I had been so diligent to keep the weight of my two pieces of checked luggage, one of which was my bike, under 50 pounds, but this time the curbside bag checkers didn't even put either on the scale.

Walt C. from Cleveland, another PAC Tour rider, saw my PAC luggage tags on my carry on luggage at the gate. It was fun to begin to share "The Ride" even before we took off. The most eventful part of the trip out was getting from the airport to the Best Western in San Diego. That took half the time it took to fly all the way out here. But, that accomplished the 20 or so of us who arrived a day early were busy assembling our bikes in the back parking lot under blue skies and temps in the mid 70's.

Saturday will be a "rest" day with some joy rides to the beach for some photo ops of a ceremnial dip of the tire in the Pacific and tweaking any last minutes to the bike or my packing.

Looks like my roomie will be Julie S. from Indianapolis, one of the people with whom I had planned to ride a century in Indianapolis July 29th. I didn't make it to Indy that day as the day before I had had two front tire blow outs and ended up leaving a lot of skin on the Lake Front Bike Path. That plus the 100 degree heat just didn't make any sense to drive all the way to Inday to ride 100 miles when I could do that in Chicago. So, Julie and I will make up for the missed July opportunity.

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