Tuesday, August 29, 2006

12 Days Till The Transcon Begins!

On Sunday, September 10th I will join about 65 other cyclists for a nearly 3000 mile transcontinental bike ride from San Diego to Tybee Island, GA, just off the coast of Savannah. Since I'll be taking my computer with me in the SAG trailer, my plan is to post a blog as many nights as I can get a wireless connection so you can follow our journey.

I will be riding with PAC Tour www.pactour.com, Lon Haldeman's and Susan Notorangelo's organization they started in 1981 which supports fast bicycle rides across the country. We'll be following the Southern Route through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and finally Georgia. We'll average 112 miles per day, ranging from 81 miles on the last day to 158 miles on the 16th day. Altogether we'll climb over 89,000 feet with an average of 3,400 feet per day.

We'll enjoy "luxury accommodations" in Best Western style motels. A hot shower (or a cool one after those over 100 degree days in the southwest) will be truly welcome as will a washer and dryer to freshen up our clothes. My roommate, Lara, is a member of the crew. The upside to sharing a room with crew is that I'm guaranteed a first floor room which beats having to carry my bike and 40 pounds of gear up a flight of stairs (for those elevatorless motels). The downside is that she's on the oatmeal brigade which means she'll be cooking oatmeal in our room really early--in time for us to have eaten before we start riding at 6:00 a.m. every day. Early starts help us beat the heat and the winds that usually kick up later in the day.

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Katie said...

I can't believe it's 12 days away. I'm so glad you are doing the blog so we can really know how it's going out there. GO MOM!